isn't it so annoying when your brother steals your airpod so that you only have one airpod??? i know, right??????!??? time to take revenge >:(

made during game maker's toolkit jam 2019 with the theme "only one".


  • thrilling moment-to-moment combat
  • 15 unique arenas and 8 selectable colors
  • hyper realistic axe physics
  • lots of flavortext to make your day extra spicy
  • amazing royalty free music by the great kevin macleod
  • airpods

tips for pro play:

  • to win, the axe must touch the other player while it is flying through the air with your color
  • aim the axe in three different directions by holding up or down and throwing an axe
  • catch an axe coming towards you by pressing the grab button before it touches you
  • duck repeatedly or kick the airpod to taunt your opponent after securing a sweet victory


  • wasd or arrow keys to move
  • f or comma to jump
  • g or period to grab or throw axe

made by Matthew Zhang and Caleb Biddulph in Unity.


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Seems like fun. But as it's two player, I haven't played it with another person. But I think the W/UP arrow key could have been used for the jump button, as it's just a simple side view game and it could have made for a faster gameplay for beginners

hey, thanks! while i did consider that, i thought about what the player should do if they wanted to throw the axe upward while standing on the ground. mapping w/up to jump would mean the player have to use a short hop in order to set this up, which would probably be awkward. hopefully that at least explains the design decision? although it doesn't excuse any flaws, obviously :)

it's fun, but the controls feel a bit wonky (especially with jump being right next to throw)

is probably a fair assessment

Really liked the effects!

That was a lot of fun. Played with sister and we both liked it.

hey! thanks for playing :)